Grand Holland Tour

Grand Holland TourThough millions of visitors each year head to Holland to discover this beautiful country, most of them often make the mistake of simply visiting only Amsterdam. Although an extremely remarkable city, there is still so much more to be said and to be seen of Holland, which is exactly where the Grand Holland Tour comes into play. Being able to wander about the world’s largest harbour in Rotterdam, the 17th century preserved city of Delft and the famous Hague and the tiny town of Madurodam, you will realize just how beautiful all of the rest of Holland truly is. No more limiting yourself and those with you to simply one place and instead taking the opportunity to explore what various parts, places, towns and villages are filled with all inviting and welcoming you to discover.

During the tour, you are going to get a chance to see all of the best sites that southern Holland has to offer. The first stop will be at beautiful Rotterdam, which is mentioned before, is the home to one of not only Europe’s but the world’s largest ports. Explore various parts of this region that include historical sites, unique architecture and so much more.

Next, we will make our way to Delft where you will be able to visit an earthenware factory; a place where craftsmen create beautiful Delftware. After exploring this preserved city, we will make our way to Hague where we will wander through a government buildings and the peace palace.

Last but absolutely not least is a visit to the miniature town of Madurodam, which is the smallest town in all of the Netherlands. Gaze at the natural beauty here along with the famous miniatures of all well-known sights in the country. The Grand Holland Tour is undoubtedly an opportunity of a lifetime where the sights to see and the places to explore seem endless.

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