Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Red Light District, the oldest neighbourhood of Amsterdam with the oldest buildings and the oldest profession. Accompanied by a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide you can learn a lot about this district of many faces.

The Zeedijk street

Amsterdam Red Light District by Day

It used to be a street of crime, drugs and drunken sailors. But after revitalisation it is the main street of Amsterdam's Chinatown. Full of Asian businesses like restaurants and special imports shops. We will walk down this street talking about it's very interesting history and changes.

The Chinatown

Seemingly silent and mysterious Amsterdam Chinatown thrives. There is an interesting Buddhist Temple and the Chinese Medical Center, which combines western med school training with traditional Chinese treatments.

The prostitution

Amsterdam Red Light District at Night

Ladies from all over the world give you a colourful show of lust and beauty. They have a legalized profession and organised trade union called the Red String. Although they are accepted and tolerated, they have to follow strict rules including regular doctor check-ups, possession of legal papers and be at least eighteen years old. We will visit the prostitution information centre where you will be informed about the system in Amsterdam and afterwards we will walk through the old streets past the red lit windows.

The Museum of Prostitution

The recently opened Museum of Prostitution or also called Red Light Secrets attempts to preserve the atmosphere of the Red Light District from the previous decades. From realistic interiors of past and present to information on the subject. Very interesting is the possibility to sit in the window and watch the crowd walking by, the way the prostitutes see it. The entry ticket is already in price of the tour.

Departure, price and duration

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Red Light District on the map