Amsterdam Red Light District Tours

The Red Light District, the oldest neighbourhood of Amsterdam with the oldest profession and the oldest buildings. Ladies from all over the world give you a colourful impression in the red light heart of Amsterdam. They have a legalized profession and organised trade union called the Red String. Although they are accepted and tolerated, they have to follow strict rules including regular doctor check-ups, possession of legal papers and be at least eighteen years old.

Aside from ladies in their red lighted windows, sex clubs, and coffee shops, you'll also find eclectic stores and a myriad of fine and adventurous dining spots; from the café's live Jazz and Salsa to dinner theatre, and a host of dining menus from around the world.

As a contrast, this colourful neighbourhood also contains monolithic Old Church, the Saint Nicolas Church, and a delightful museum “Our Lord in the Attic”, a clandestine Catholic Church atop a seventeenth century merchant house.

Seemingly silent and mysterious among the Dutch and multi-national mix, Red Light Chinatown thrives with a Buddhist Temple and the Chinese Medical Center, which combines western med school training with traditional Chinese treatments including herbal remedies, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage, available among the area's many shops. Colourful Amsterdam is waiting for you

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