Disco Cult at the Sugar Factory

Disco Cult is The Sugar Factory’s own monthly clubbing night every second Friday of the month. It starts at 23.00 hrs and as the name suggests, it is a combination of disco and cult.

Sugar Factory Amsterdam

The evening is a mix of what is known and of what is new and creatively daring. It is an evening built around 4 faces, 4 DJ’s/performers with their own unique style, who also invite their international guest DJ’s. The four permanent Disco Cult Dj’s who make and design the Disco Cult are: Graham B, the freestyle shaman, DJ Rubedo, a funk alchemist (ex DJ Polack at Club Vegas and nowadays the artistic director of the Sugar factory Jacek Rajewski), Martin Duvall, the renaissance androgyn and operative fashionista who overwhelmes us with some extra video artistery. The result is funk, house, disco hip hop and jazz, glam rock, latin, psychelia, and post pun, all mixed into one. You think of any style and you will be able to recognise it in the sometimes fierce sometime subtle and sometimes rough tracks. People from all over the world fly over to come and dance to those tracks at the Sugar Factory. Disco Cult is a musical adventure, a rollercoaster of musical styles and flavours and it will continue to make you move through the night!

Photo: Attila Tassy