Autumn Events in Amsterdam

Autumn is the time when Amsterdam habitants return after summer holidays with a new energy, usually the period of multiple cultural events and festivals. One of the biggest among them starting each year in mid-November is IDFA — the festival of the documentary films, taking place in several cinemas in the city. Most interesting films are repeated late in the evening through Dutch public broadcasting TV channels. Films presented by IDFA are often subtitled for the English speaking audience. Among other events we encourage you to pay a visit at night to one of the renown Amsterdam museums during the yearly Museumnacht.

September Amsterdam Events

Amsterdam City Swim

first weekend of September each year, Sunday, 3 September
Amsterdam City SwimA unique Amsterdam event during which participants swim through the canals of the Old City. The Amsterdam City Swim is organised every year on a short distance of 700 meters for kids 10 - 14 years old (City Swim for Kids) who participate with an accompanying adult, and on a longer distance of 2000 meters for adults who love swimming and will contribute to the ALS Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Foundation. Thousands of participants take part, but you must register months earlier. You may swim in a wetsuit. The quality of the water in the canals is controlled before the event and the placement of the event changed if necessary.

Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam

The Free Fringe Festival in Amsterdam7 - 17 September
The true counter-culture heart of Amsterdam is exposed every year in this festival as volunteers and artists come together to showcase everything from theatre and music, to film and video games, completely free of charge. If you are looking for the unusual in Amsterdam, then look no further.

Open Monuments Days

second weekend of September each year, 9 - 10 September
Open Monuments DaysTwo days in September duting these Amsterdam events monumental buildings in the Netherlands open to the public. Ones that are usually inaccessible to the public. Luxury canal houses, palaces, castles, old farmhouses and forgotten factories – more than 4 thousand historical monuments in the whole country are accessible and may be visited for free. Consult the organizers site for the historical buildings near you.

IBC Amsterdam

beginning of September each year, 14 - 19 September
IBC Amsterdam LogoThe International Broadcasting Convention is along with the Las Vegas NAB show, the most important yearly meeting of the television, broadcasting and digital cinema professionals of the whole world. In its exhibition, IBC shows each year the latest technology equipment from all over the world, while its conference informs participants about the dominating business ideas not only regarding broadcasting technology but also content, 
management as well as new trends in all fields.

Jordaan Festival

each year in mid-September in Jordaan
Jordaan FestA big inner city street festival celebrating the diversity of this former working class district. Features every year include folk singers, drum bands, a children's festival, opera and cabaret, a boules competition, a flea market and an auction.

Amsterdam Drawing

Amsterdeam Drawingeach year in mid-September
This art fair is held each year in NDSM, the artist’s have set a short free ferry ride north of Amsterdam city centre. Amsterdam Drawing focuses on original art works produced on paper. This medium, less expensive for collectors than works on canvas or other media, is becoming increasingly popular and is giving a great start to many young contemporary artists.

Robodock arts festival

each year in mid-September
Robodock AmsterdamUnique Amsterdam event presenting contemporary art shows in the huge, old NDSM shipyard depot, in the Amsterdam North. The atmosphere is rough, industrial, experimental. A lot of loud music, fire, smoke, noise and heavy machinery are usually elements of these performances. New and always inspiring, under condition that you are into this kind of art.

October Amsterdam Events

Amsterdam Dance Event - ADE

Amsterdam Dance event18 - 22 October
Amsterdam Dance Event, also known as ADE, is a world-leading programme of electronic music conferences and parties. Every year, in the middle of October, hundreds of thousands of people come to Amsterdam to attend a range of 300 events held throughout the city.

Rocket Cinema Festival

mid-October until the end of November, every two years, the next festival will take place in 2018.
Biannual film festival projecting interesting vintage movies, mainly American, sci-fi classics, horrors and curiosa. D-J’s and musicians are invited to compose and perform their new soundtracks live, during the screenings on these Amsterdam events.

Amsterdam MarathonTCS Amsterdam Marathon

15 October
This 41st edition of Amsterdam marathon, one of the oldest marathons in The Netherlands.

November Amsterdam Events

Museum Night – Museumnacht

4 November
On Saturday night in a first week of November each year Amsterdam’s museums open through the night, most with special programmes and Amsterdam events.

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Lights Festivalmid-November of each year until mid-January of the year after, 30 November - 28 January 2018
A series of events, evening performances and light shows as well as forty light sculptures installed for two months in the canal ring of Amsterdam. An international art festival where the light is the main medium of expression. While winter days are shorter, Amsterdam Light Festival creations reflected in water make evening walks along the canals very attractive.

pAn Amsterdam – Art and Antique Fair

third week of November, 19 - 26 November
The biggest national antique fair in the Netherlands takes place in Amsterdam, and lasts for a full week. No wonder, as can be no hasty decisions made in the timeless fields of art and antiques. pAn takes place at the RAI congress and exhibition center. Last years showing also more of modern art of good quality. pAn is a fun to visit Amsterdam event, even if you do not intend to buy anything.

High Times Cannabis Cup

end of November each year, no program for yet
Five days of pure hedonism: music, Amsterdam events, forums, and tasting sessions. Venue: Pax Party House. Melkweg, various coffeehouses, (various times).

IDFA - International Documentary Filmfestival of Amsterdam

Amsterdam IDFANovember each year
The most important documentary film festival in the world. The IDFA screens each year in different sections more than 200 documentary films and videos

Arrival of Saint Nicholas

Sunday in the middle of November each year, 19 november
The tradition of Saint Nicholas (Dutch: Sinterklaas or just Sint) bringing gifts to children, celebrated in many countries, is an extraordinary occasion in Amsterdam. Saint Nicholas surrounded by his black servants arrives on a deck of a ship to Amsterdam harbour. Later, the whole parade in a festive way accompanies him to the city centre. Hundreds of thousands of children greet the procession. Customarily five tons of candies are given away. The parade ends on the Dam, where Mayor of Amsterdam welcomes Saint Nicholas.

Amsterdam Art Weekend

Amsterdam Art Weekend23 - 25 November
A weekend-long art fair that showcases the best in Amsterdam contemporary art. Galleries, museums and art institutes comes together to offer exhibitions and special Amsterdam events throughout the weekend, spread across various venues. The fair is also linked to the IDFA documentary film fest, which happens at the same time.