Amsterdam group travel

When travelling in groups it is greatly advantageous to buy your tickets in advance. Not only it is easier but you also make sure that attractions you are planing to visit can acommodate all of you.

How to book group visits in Amsterdam?

There is a service for booking visits to museums, attractions and tours for larger groups. You can use their services by visiting their website.

Time slots for museums and attractions

To avoid overcrowding most attractions and museums in Amsterdam issue tickets for a specific time slot. Which is great if you are travelling in few numbers but complicates things if you wish to take in a larger group.

Complications with group bookings

For example The Van Gogh Museum issues only tickets for max. 8 people at once.

And canal cruises, which every visitor to Amsterdam should experience, tend to be difficult to book for larger groups. This is because of capacity limitations of the boats. And of course because everyone else also wants a ride.

These are just two examples but most attractions have their complications when booking tickets for group travel.

What they offer?

The above mentioned service offers visits for larger groups. Among their offerings are: