Body Worlds in Amsterdam

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More than 200 real human bodies are a part of this Amsterdam Body Worlds interactive exhibition. This one is focused on how happiness affects our health and is an amazing story that physically shows the link between our emotional and physical states.

Bodies of dead people serve to illustrate detailed human anatomy. This uncommon idea came to the Netherlands from Germany, started there by Gunther von Hagens who invented a new technique of preserving human bodies by replacing water and fat with different hardened plastics like silicone, polyester and other polymers.

There are more Body Worlds exhibitions and they have been seen by more than 40 million people from all around the world. Visitors from general public as well as medical and education professionals could see what is usually hidden.

This latest Gunther von Hagens controversial and educational piece is located in Amsterdam and you can also see what health effects can be observed on happy people compared to unhappy ones. And how they live longer.

Body Worlds Amsterdam is located in a country whos population is rated as one of the happiest in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO) so maybe you can also gather some inspiration while travelling through this beautiful country.

Body Worlds Amsterdam Tickets

To avoid waiting lines we recommend to buy your Body Worlds tickets online.

Adult (18+): €20.50
Youth (6 - 17): €12.50

Body Worlds Opening Hours

11:00 to 19:00 every day of the week.

Last admission 1 hour before closing time

Body Worlds Location

You can find Amsterdam Body Worlds at Damrak 66 between Dam Square and Central Station right in the centre of the city.
Accessible to visitors who use a wheelchair.


Body Worlds in Amsterdam
Damrak 66
1012 LM   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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