The Muiderslot Castle near Amsterdam

A great trip for people interested in history and aesthetics. But also for families with children. We are sure that everyone will find something of interest there.

You can reserve your visit on their Muiderslot castle tickets website.

Visit to this castle is free if you have an Amsterdam city pass. They are good offers that will make your visit easier. Look at our comparison of various versions.

Whole Muiderslot Castle preserved

The castle itself still stands completely despite being built in the 13th century. And because all the walls, towers and rooms are preserved, it evokes an authentic picture of life in middle ages and the golden era of Netherlands.

Surroundings consist of a defensive moat, a large noble garden and the river Vecht. It is nice to make a picnic next to the castle and enjoy the view.

Interiors are filled with historical artifacts. Items used for basic needs of everyday life but aso for combat, fashion, art and leisure. From dining wares through paintings to whole suits of armour.

Fun for the whole family

During the weekends there are falconry demonstrations.

Children can participate in a treasure hunt.

What is included

An entry ticket gives you access to the whole Muiderslot Castle, its gardens and surrounding area.

And also an audioguide in these languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese.

The treasure hunt for children costs additional €2.

You have to organise your own transportation. It is not complicated to get there.

How to get to Muiderslot Castle

The Muiderslot Castle is only 15km from Amsterdam city. And you can get there by using train, bus and car. The detailed informations are on their reservation page accessible throug the link above.

Muiderslot Castle near Amsterdam on the map