Museumkaart, Amsterdam Museum card

Museum passAccording to new rules, only Dutch residents can use the Museum Card for a full one year. To others the card will expire after 31 days and they have to go through some paperwork to get it. The Museumkaart website is in dutch language only and online purchase is only to Dutch residents.

But there is a similar Museum Card for tourists with similar benefits which you can conveniently order online. It is a recommended purchase and will most likely save you time and money.

Otherwise the Amsterdam Museum Card represents a personal pass to enter more than 400 museums in the Netherlands. It costs €59.90 for adults and €32.45 for youngsters up to 18 years of age. The price includes one time starting fee of €4.95, which has to be paid only at the first purchase of the Museum Card.

The Museumkaart is a good way to explore Dutch museums, if you are going to visit many of them during the whole year.

In the city of Amsterdam these museums are included in the Amsterdam Museum Card:

  1. Allard Pierson Museum
  2. Amsterdam Museum
  3. Anne Frank House
  4. Rembrandt's House
  5. De Nieuwe Kerk - New Church
  6. Diamond Museum Amsterdam
  7. EYE Film Instituut Nederland
  8. FOAM Photography Amsterdam
  9. Hermitage Amsterdam
  10. Huis Marseille, Stichting voor Fotografie
  11. Jewish Historical Museum
  12. Max Euwe Centrum - Chess Museum
  13. Museum Our Lord in the Attic
  14. Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
  15. Museum Het Schip/Amsterdam School of Architecture
  16. Museum Van Loon
  17. Museum Willet-Holthuysen
  18. NEMO Science center
  19. Oude Kerk - The Old Church
  20. Royal Palace Amsterdam
  21. Press Museum
  22. Rijksmuseum
  23. Scheepvaartmuseum - Maritime Museum
  24. Stedelijk Museum
  25. Tropenmuseum - Tropical Museum
  26. Tropenmuseum Junior
  27. Van Gogh Museum
  28. Verzetsmuseum - Resistance Museum
  29. Amsterdam Municipal Archives
  30. De Appel
  31. Multatuli Museum
  32. Pijpenkabinet & Smokiana
  33. Portuguese Synagogue
  34. Tassenmuseum
  35. Micropia at Artis ZOO
  36. Het Grachtenhuis
  37. Bijbels Museum - Bible Museum
  38. National Holocaust Memorial, Hollandsche Schouwberg
  39. Museum Tot Zover
  40. Special collections at the Amsterdam University Library
  41. Outsider Art Museum

Please note: There are other discount passes available in Amsterdam. You can read about all of them on our Amsterdam discount cards webpage.