Museumkaart, Amsterdam Museum Pass

Museumkaart is not recommendend for tourists. It is aimed at a local residents.

For tourists it is recommended to buy one of the other discount cards

Problems with ordering

The ordering process is restrictive.

To order the Museumkaart you must pay for it with a Dutch internet banking system (iDeal) and have it delivered to Dutch address.

What does Museumkaart include

By buying the Museumkaart (or Museum Pass in English) you get unlimited free entry to 450 museums in The Netherlands. Of which 39 museums are in Amsterdam.

Temporary Museumkaart

It is possible to buy Temporary Museumkaart directly in some Amsterdam museums and nowhere else. It is sold for the same price as the full card. But is valid for only 5 museum visits and 31 days.

Museumkaart price

  • Adult - €75
  • Children - €39

Take into account that many museums have free or discounted entry for children. But the ages and discounts are various.