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If you are only a few days in Amsterdam, but you would like to see more of The Netherlands you can try "This is Holland". An adventurous attraction in the heart of Amsterdam.

In an hour you will learn about The Netherlands unique history and see its beautiful highlights in an entertaining experience.

In the first part you will see a short movie about the origin of the Netherlands. It’s a story of perseverance and it shows how the Dutch never let themselves be put off in the eternal fight against water. In the second part you will learn about the historical and cultural highlights of The Netherlands and the typical Dutch culture, such as the national festivity Koningsdag.

In the last part, which is also the most spectacular, you will 'fly' over the country and see, smell and feel the Dutch landscape and its highlights. While sitting in a flying simulator surrounded by enormous cinema screens, you will see everything that The Netherlands has to offer. Such as the tulip fields, the royal palace and windmills. Because of the beautiful film images, the thrilling feeling of flying and the spectacular music you will completely forget that you’re actually in Amsterdam. Not for the weak-heartened!

After the flight experience you can relax in the Holland Lounge. While having a drink you can learn more about the buildings and sights you have flown past.

You can book your seat at the This is Holland online tickets website.


The round building of This is Holland is located between the Eye Film Museum and the A'dam Lookout Tower, right across Amsterdam Central Station. To get there, you can take a ferry to cross the water. They leave every three minutes and are free.

Opening Hours

This is Holland is open every day between 10:00 and 20:00. The experience takes about an hour. The attraction is closed during Christmas and New Year.


Adults: €16,50
Children (to the age of 12): €9,50

Please note: Persons smaller than 102 centimetres and pregnant women are not allowed in This is Holland


This is Holland
Overhoeksplein 51
1031   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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