Six Collection in Amsterdam

The Six Collection museum is not open for public visits anymore.

Six Collection Amsterdam LocationAn exquisite small museum located in a private house of the Dutch aristocratic Six family with roots reaching back to the year 1032. The Six's collected art and were wise enough to preserve it through the centuries, although eight most valuable paintings from their collection including “The Milkmaid” by Vermeer were purchased in 1908 by the Dutch State and are now to see at the Rijksmuseum.

The exhibit

The stately house facing the River Amstel houses the collection from 1915, when the Six family had to move here from another still bigger house in the canals. The collection offers a unique view into the life of the Dutch wealthy aristocratic family not only through their historical portraits, but also in being admitted to the house full of interesting objects and fine antique furniture, remaining in everyday use by the descendants of the Six family. And as long as the city of Amsterdam covers a part of the high conservation costs of the collection, its owners are ready to admit the public to their house.

The truly wonderful portrait of Jan Six (1618 - 1700), Amsterdam mayor, writer and art collector painted in 1654 by Rembrandt is the highlight of the collection. The artist did not sign the portrait - the fact which is usually explained by his friendship with the model. For us this magnificent painting, probably one of the best by Rembrandt, although never completed has a unique value of a glimpse into the painter’s impressionistic technique, centuries ahead of its time. And while other paintings at the Six Collection are of lesser value, the whole setting of the interior, furniture and small artefacts is simply unique.

The feel

A glimpse behind the scenes into the life of the Dutch aristocracy: you will be able not only to see their ancestors but also to admire their skill to preserve their possessions throughout the centuries. Overwhelming feelings of wisdom and continuity dominate. While there are three similar museums in town, Museum van Loon, Geelvinck Hinlopen House and The Willet-Holthuysen Museum, all residences of the Dutch aristocracy, the Six Collection remains unique because of the quality of its paintings.


Six Collection in Amsterdam
Amstel 218
1017 AJ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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