Beatrixpark in Amsterdam

Fountain in BeatrixparkOne of the nicest parks in Amsterdam, Beatrixpark was created in the years 1936-1938 following the design by Jakoba (Ko) Mulder, a leading Dutch landscape architect, who was also involved in the Amsterdamse Bos project. Originally a romantic park, after the WWII Beatrixpark has been redesigned into the more modern, style of functionalism. During the German occupation, the park has been called Diepenbrockpark, after the composer Alphons Diepenbrock, who was under the influence of the music of Richard Wagner and who in his compositions used often German romantic poetry. The street along the park remained named after the composer – Diepenbrockstraat.

As after the war, the style of the park changed and so changed its name. Today, the Beatrixpark is a green space behind the RAI congress centre, which took a large chunk of the land away from the park for the construction of one of it biggest exhibition halls, called later Parkhal. Another piece of land, directly at the freeway has been added at that time (1993), to compensate the loss.

Beatrixpark is a local park - nice, clean and quiet. Small pavilions standing in the park are leftovers from the Floriade exhibition in 1972. The oldest part of the park is the nicest, as it kept its original romantic character influenced by English parks - with a small lake and open landscape. Just this part of the Beatrixpark, has received the status of the city monument in 2005.

How to get to BeatrixparkWalkway in Beatrixpark

By foot: from the RAI congress centre, facing the main entry to the right and turn left direction the Amstelhal of the RAI. Pass in front of this building and behind the canal you will see the park - it is located at the rear all exhibit halls.
By tram:
line 5, exit on the Beethovenstraat - stop Stadionweg; walk left along Stadionweg, turn right into the Diepenbrockstraat. Cross the bridge. There will be two small passages into the park on your right – they are located at the number 15 and the number 9 of the street. It is about 5 minutes walking from the tram stop.
By car:
exit the A10 ring on the RAI exit. Drive into the city in front of the RAI congress centre, turn left direction the Diepenbrockstraat; continue for 200m.; will you see the park on your left. Metered parking in the street.

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