Houseboat museum in Amsterdam

The Houseboat Museum gives you the unique chance to experience the life on board of a real houseboat. Moreover, this is the only Houseboat Museum in the world!


Unique location on the Prinsengracht canal in the central disctrict Jordaan, provide a fitting background for the museum vessel. The spot is only five minutes walk from the Anne Frank House and it's near to Westerkerk church.

On board you can see how this authentic barge was converted to a comfortable houseboat, provided with authentic skipper's quarters with sleeping bunk, sizable livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. You shall be dumbfounded at the space and comfort on board.

The vessel on which the houseboatmuseum is reconverted was built in 1914 and bore the name Hendrika Maria ever since. In those days the ship was propelled by sail.

Deck of Houseboat MuseumThe original vessel was engaged in transporting sand, gravel and coal until the ninteen-sixties. Thereafter the Hendrika Maria was converted into a houseboat in such a way as to maintain the historic outer appearance in being. The vessel has actually been lived in for about twenty years. Even though it is now no longer lived in, it seems though as if the residents just popped out to do the shopping. The houseboat museum is a living museum where one can poke about and sit where one wills.

In at least thirteen languages, there is a discriptive booklet with which you can find your own way around the boat.

Houseboat Accommodation

If houseboats interest you we recommend to try living in one to have the full experience. Because of the ample canals that flow through Amsterdam you can rent a houseboat even in the city centre. Have a look at a page with more info and pictures of Amsterdam houseboats for rent.

Entry price

Adults: €3,75
Children up to 152 cm high: €3
I Amsterdam Card: free

Childrens' play corner available. Photographs of the interior may be taken. Tea, coffee, softdrinks, museumshop.

Opening times

March - October: Tuesday through Sunday 11 am - 5 pm.
November - February: Friday-Saturday-Sunday 11 am - 5 pm. Easter Monday also opened.
Closed at January 1st, April 30, December 25, 26 and 31.


Houseboat museum in Amsterdam
Prinsengracht opposite no. 296
1016 HW   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 4270750

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