Things to do in Amsterdam with Children

Amsterdam loves children!

There are plenty things to do for children in Amsterdam. The variety in attractions is enormous: you will find fun, crazy, exciting and fascinating things to do all over the city. Whether you are traveling with young children or nearly-grownups, in the city of Amsterdam you will find activities like taking a canal ride, visit a working windmill, or get scared out of your wits in a dungeon. We can definitely say: Amsterdam is a child-loving city!

Tips for traveling with young children

Travel Baby Amsterdam

Travelling with young children can be stressful, especially packing extra luggage or carrying bulky items. With increasing luggage restrictions on flights and the inconvenience of waiting at the airport's baggage claim, while acquiring your own luggage and don’t forget… juggling the children at the same time. All this can be annoying, expensive and time consuming. When visiting Amsterdam you can rent all you need at Travel Baby Amsterdam, so you don’t have to bring it with you. It’s the 21st century way of traveling!

Shopping in the 9 Straatjes

Amsterdam Nine Shopping StreetsWhen you prefer small, original and exclusive boutiques, you will find them in the famous “Jordaan”-area. The so called 9 little streets “9 Straatjes” is a charming district in Amsterdam’s city centre. In addition to shops you will also find plenty of terraces, restaurants and cafés so you can energize while shopping. More info on the 9 Streets shopping district can be found on The Nine Streets.

The nine little streets crisscross along in the district between the Rozengracht, Leidsestraat, Prinsengracht and Singel. Walking though them you can discover 1. Reestraat, 2. Berenstraat, 3. Runstraat. They are situated between the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht. Between the Keizersgracht and the Herengracht lay the following of the 9 streets: 4. Hartenstraat, 5. Wolvenstraat, 6. Huidenstraat. And finally between the Herengracht and the Singel you will find 7. Gasthuismolensteeg, 8. Oude Spiegelstraat and 9. Wijde Heisteeg.

Rent a bike!

Ride like the locals and rent a bike. It’s the most common used way of transportation in Amsterdam and perfectly safe to do. It’s an easy way to get around and make some kilometres through the city centre. You can widen your view by riding on the Amsterdam canals or ride in one of the many parks. There are many bike rental shops all over town. But don’t forget to lock your bike, otherwise you will be walking home!

Rent a boat!

When the sun is shining boat lovers tend to get their boats out and sail the Amsterdam canals. With some good food and drinks on board you will have a very relaxed afternoon. Get off board and on shore once in a while to visit a local attraction. Rent your own boat at one of the many boat rental companies or join a canal cruise and learn about the background and history of the Amsterdam canals.

Visit a park

Amsterdam VondelparkRelax at one of the many parks Amsterdam has to offers. The lively Vondelpark is very suitable for children, where you can have a drink and eat a “tosti” at café Vertigo, visit the Blauwe Theehuis (a charming small tea house) and the Groot Melkhuis with a play yard and -when the wheather permits- a bouncing castle. Don’t forget to take a stroll though the rose garden with more than 70 types of roses. Or have a picknik at the Westerpark, Rembrandtspark, Sarphatipark, Beatrixpark or Oosterpark. All magnificient and well-maintained parks in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam museum are definitely not covererd with dust, but very attractive and ‘fit-to-age’. No need to wander around exhibition cases in complete silence. Here’s exciting activities and playfull learning going around! Your children will learn without even telling them.

Amsterdam Museum

Families with children can go on an exciting adventure at the Amsterdam Museum. In its special children's display Het Kleine Weeshuis [The Little Orphanage], the museum offers children and their parents a fascinating insight into what life must have been like in the 17th century orphanage.

Artis Royal Zoo

Come and stroll in nature’s oasis in the midst of the bustling city. See more than 200 species of trees and more than 900 species of animals. Admire the gardens with their flowering bulbs in spring and study their rich vegetation in summer and autumn.

Hortus Botanicus

Do you know how tall the tallest tree in the world is? Did you see its little brother here in the Hortus? The Hortus presents the Superplants for children of all ages. On the Superplants map you will find 15 record keepers in the world of plants. And, of course, the locations in the Hortus where they can be found.

Koninklijk Paleis (Royal Palace)

Prince Louis will be your guide (6 to 8 years). He takes you on an exciting journey through the Palace. You will look, listen and occasionally do something. Sometimes the Prince will ask you a question. You can answer them by placing stickers on a very special medallion.

Madame Tussauds

Meet the stars at Madame Tussauds! Madame Tussauds is interactive nowadays. Here you can actually do what the stars do. What would you say to having a kick about with the world famous football player Ronaldinho, or perhaps doing some abdominal training with David Beckham? Or maybe you would find it much more exciting to pose with Justin Timberlake, Madonnna, super star Lady Gaga or perhaps with the teen sensation Justin Bieber?

The National Maritime Museum

When you think of the Netherlands, the first thing that may come to mind is dikes. But think about the sea behind the dikes and how much of Dutch prosperity, culture and identity is owed to the people who saw the opportunities the sea gives us and sailed out to seize these opportunities. Het Scheepvaartmuseum, The National Maritime Museum, tells their stories.


Amsterdam RijksmuseumThe Rijksmuseum is the museum of the Netherlands. They are greeted by a stunning building, amazing interior design, wonderful exhibitions, lively events, and many fine amenities for young and old. Families can foloow the multimedia tour: an exciting group game inviting you to solve eight fascinating Rijksmuseum mysteries. It takes about 1 hour and if you succeed, there’s another surprise waiting at the end of the tour.

Science Centre Nemo

Science and technology are all around us each and every day. Science Center NEMO takes you into the world of these everyday yet quite remarkable things. At NEMO, every visitor – young or old – can experience science for themselves. By getting to grips with our interactive exhibits, you can discover all kinds of things: for example, how bridges work, how lightning occurs and why you sometimes see things that aren’t there. There are also workshops, films and demonstrations to make your day at NEMO complete. A crackling sweater or a rainbow: after visiting NEMO will you look at the world through new eyes.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeons is an 80 minute journey into 500 years of Amsterdam's horrible history. You will laugh and scream as you encounter live actor shows (available in both English and Dutch), gripping storytelling, and state of the art special effects. The Amsterdam Dungeon will ensure you'll have a scarily funny time.

Tropenmuseum Junior

A children's museum of one’s own. We believe there is a need to create a physical space for children within a museum - where children can learn about life and culture, somewhere they can experiment and where they can have meaningful dialogues. In Tropenmuseum Junior children can experience that it is worthwhile and fun to encounter the unknown with a curiosity and open mind. One of the touchstones upon which Tropenmuseum Junior was first founded still remains of vital importance, namely that children ought to be taken seriously. And what better way to take them seriously than by building their own museum?

Tun Fun indoor playground for kids

An indoor playground for small children age 1 to 12, offers plenty of opportunities to climb, jump, run, crawl. Special structures ware built to climb as well as different slides, ball pools, trampolines, soft inflatable obstacles, indoor football field and other attractions safe for kids.
Location: Mr. Visserplein 7